Tabriz rugs, named after the city of Tabriz in north-western Iran, are among the most distinguished and sought-after Persian carpets. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, intricate designs, and rich history, Tabriz rugs are a testament to the artistry and cultural heritage of the region. If you’re looking for Persian rugs in Manchester, Tabriz rugs are an excellent choice.

Key Features

  1. Design and Patterns:

    • Tabriz rugs are renowned for their intricate and detailed designs. Common patterns include floral motifs, medallions, arabesques, and hunting scenes.
    • The designs often feature a central medallion surrounded by elaborate floral and vine patterns.
    • The borders are usually adorned with complementary intricate designs that frame the central motif.

2. Colours:


    • These rugs are characterised by a rich and harmonious colour palette, often including shades of red, blue, ivory, green, and gold.
    • Natural dyes are traditionally used, giving the rugs a vibrant yet elegant appearance.
  1. Materials:

    • High-quality wool is the primary material, although silk is often used, especially in finer and more luxurious pieces.
    • Some Tabriz rugs are made entirely of silk, which enhances their lustre and detail.
  2. Weaving Technique:

    • Tabriz rugs are hand-knotted with a high knot density, often exceeding 200 knots per square inch, which allows for detailed and intricate patterns.
    • The weavers in Tabriz use the symmetrical (Turkish) knot, contributing to the rug’s durability and longevity.
  3. Size and Shape:

    • Available in various sizes, from small mats to large room-sized carpets.
  4. Typically rectangular, but they can also be found in round, oval, and runner shapes.