Professional Rug Valuation Services

Ensure the value of your cherished rugs with our expert rug appraisal services. Our experienced valuers are profoundly knowledgeable about various types of rugs, from antique heirlooms to modern artistic pieces. By considering factors such as age, origin, craftsmanship, and condition, we provide detailed evaluations that help you understand your rug’s market value and historical significance. This service is invaluable for insurance purposes, sales, or simply to appreciate the worth of your collection.

Leverage our expertise for a comprehensive appraisal that offers peace of mind and accurate information. We provide thorough documentation of each rug’s characteristics and value, backed by our deep understanding of global rug markets and trends. Whether you are a collector, a dealer, or an enthusiast, our appraisal services are designed to support your needs, ensuring that every piece in your collection is assessed with precision and care.