Restoration & Repair

Rug repair & restoration

It’s one of the ironies of owning a fine handmade rug. It takes an experienced artisan hundreds of hours to create a beautiful hand knotted rug. Even the casual observer can clearly tell it’s a work of art. Yet the minute you place it on the floor it’s destined for a lifetime of wear and tear. But we don’t expect you to stop walking on your rug, after all, that’s what they were made for.

The decision whether or not to invest in rug repair and restoring a damaged rug or textile depends on the value of the piece, extent of damage, prospects for satisfactory results, and the sentimental or historical significance. By its nature, hand restoration is slow and expensive, but an experienced professional can work efficiently and nearly invisibly. It is worth finding a restorer who specialises in the type of work needed. Persis Rugs offers a full range of rug repair and restoration services, including re-weaving and re-knotting, conservation and mounting and edge stabilisation.

How rug repair and restoration is done?

The equipment used to restore a rug is determined by the extent of color loss, intricacy of the color work to be done, and the number of colors that need to be applied.  Small areas of color loss may be restored using syringes while larger areas may permit the use of sprayers.  More intricate designs and patterns may require the use of specialized application tools such as air brushes to carefully and precisely apply the dyes.  A skilled Dye Master can rebuild even the most intricately detailed multicolored patterns and designs on a rug.

If you have a rug that that is in need of color repairs, we would be happy to advise you.

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