Size: 203cm x 135cm


A Zanjan rug is a type of Persian rug originating from the Zanjan province in northwestern Iran. These rugs are known for their distinctive patterns, vibrant colors, and high-quality craftsmanship. Here are some key features of Zanjan rugs:

Characteristics of Zanjan Rugs

  1. Design and Patterns:
    • Zanjan rugs often feature geometric patterns, including medallions, diamonds, and star-like shapes.
    • The designs can also include floral motifs, but they tend to be more stylized and less intricate compared to other Persian rugs.
    • Commonly, the field of the rug is adorned with a central medallion, surrounded by intricate borders.
  2. Colors:
    • Traditional Zanjan rugs use a rich color palette, with predominant colors including deep reds, blues, and ivory.
    • Natural dyes are typically used, which gives the rugs their vibrant yet harmonious color schemes.

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