Size: 140cm x 94cm


Turkmen rugs, also known as Turkmen carpets, are a distinctive type of handmade carpet originating from the Turkmen people of Central Asia, primarily from Turkmenistan, as well as parts of Uzbekistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. These rugs are renowned for their unique designs, high quality, and the rich cultural traditions they represent. Here are the key features and characteristics of Turkmen rugs:

Design and Patterns

  1. Gul Motifs: The most characteristic feature of Turkmen rugs is the “gul” motif, a geometric design that often appears in rows across the rug. Each tribe has its own distinctive gul pattern.
  2. Repeating Patterns: Turkmen rugs typically feature repeating geometric patterns, which can include a variety of shapes such as diamonds, octagons, and crosses.
  3. Border Designs: The borders of Turkmen rugs often contain intricate, repeating patterns that frame the central field. These borders can be quite elaborate and are usually multi-banded.
  4. Tribal Symbols: Various symbolic motifs related to the Turkmen way of life, such as animals, flowers, and other natural elements, are frequently incorporated into the designs.


  • Rich and Deep Tones: Common colours include deep reds, maroons, browns, and occasionally dark blues and greens. The reds, in particular, are a hallmark of Turkmen rugs.
  • Natural Dyes: Traditional Turkmen rugs are dyed using natural dyes derived from plants, minerals, and insects, resulting in rich and enduring colours.

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