Size: 62cmx 84cm


A Tabriz rug is a type of Persian carpet that originates from the city of Tabriz in northwest Iran. These rugs are renowned for their high quality, intricate designs, and historical significance. Here are some key features and facts about Tabriz rugs:

Key Features

  1. Design and Patterns:
    • Tabriz rugs often feature elaborate floral motifs, medallions, and hunting scenes.
    • The designs can be curvilinear or geometric, with influences from both Persian and Western art.
    • Common motifs include boteh (paisley), arabesques, and garden scenes.
  2. Materials:
    • High-quality wool is typically used, though some Tabriz rugs incorporate silk for added luster and detail.
    • The foundation can be made of cotton or silk.
  3. Weaving Technique:
    • These rugs are usually hand-knotted with a high knot density, which can range from 120 to over 800 knots per square inch.
    • The Persian knot (asymmetric knot) is predominantly used.

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