Size: 152cmm x 111cm


Shiraz rugs are a distinctive type of Persian carpet that hail from the city of Shiraz and its surrounding region in southwest Iran. These rugs are known for their tribal influences, vibrant colours, and unique patterns that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Qashqai nomads and other tribes in the area. Here are some key features and characteristics of Shiraz rugs:

Design and Patterns

  1. Geometric Motifs: Shiraz rugs often feature geometric patterns, including diamonds, hexagons, and lozenges, which are characteristic of tribal designs.
  2. Medallions and Guls: Central medallions and guls (octagonal or lozenge-shaped motifs) are common, often surrounded by smaller geometric shapes and stylized animal or plant forms.
  3. Border Designs: The borders of Shiraz rugs typically have multiple bands filled with smaller geometric motifs or meandering vine patterns.
  4. Tribal Symbols: Many Shiraz rugs incorporate symbolic motifs that represent aspects of nomadic life, such as tents, animals, and tools.


  • Bold and Earthy Tones: Common colours include rich reds, deep blues, warm browns, and creamy whites. These colours are often achieved using natural dyes.
  • Contrast: Shiraz rugs use contrasting colours to highlight the intricate designs and create a vibrant overall appearance.

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