Size: 103cm x 72cm


Senneh rugs, also known as Senna or Sanandaj rugs, are a type of Persian carpet renowned for their fine weaving and intricate designs. These rugs originate from the city of Sanandaj, formerly known as Senneh, in the Kurdistan province of western Iran. Here’s an in-depth look at Senneh rugs:

Origin and History

  • Origin: Senneh rugs are named after the city of Senneh (modern-day Sanandaj) in the Kurdistan region of Iran.
  • History: The weaving tradition in Senneh dates back to the 18th century, with the city becoming known for producing some of the finest Persian rugs.

Design and Patterns

  • Herati Pattern: One of the most common designs is the Herati pattern, featuring a central diamond or lozenge surrounded by curving leaves and rosettes.
  • Boteh (Paisley) Motif: Another prevalent design is the boteh motif, which resembles a teardrop shape with a curved upper end, often seen in repeating patterns.
  • Geometric and Floral Designs: Senneh rugs often feature a combination of geometric and floral patterns, with intricate detailing.
  • Colours: These rugs typically use a sophisticated colour palette, including deep blues, rich reds, ivory, and subtle earth tones. The dyes are often derived from natural sources.

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