Size: 298cm x 80cm


Patchwork rugs are a type of floor covering created by sewing together various pieces of fabric or sections of carpets, resulting in a colorful and eclectic design. These rugs can range from vintage and traditional to modern and abstract, depending on the types of fabrics and patterns used. Here are some key points about patchwork rugs:

Types of Patchwork Rugs

  1. Vintage Patchwork Rugs:
    • Made from reclaimed pieces of older rugs, often Persian or Turkish.
    • Each piece has its own history, adding a unique character to the rug.
  2. Modern Patchwork Rugs:
    • Made from new fabric pieces, often using contemporary patterns and colors.
    • Can be custom-designed to fit specific décor needs.
  3. Overdyed Patchwork Rugs:
    • Created by overdyeing vintage rug pieces in vibrant colors.
    • The overdyeing process gives the rug a cohesive yet bold appearance.


  • Wool: Durable and traditional, providing warmth and comfort.
  • Cotton: Soft and breathable, often used for backing or lightweight rugs.

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