Size: 136cm x 46cm


Khorjin” (also spelled “Khorjen”) refers to a type of traditional Persian saddlebag or textile woven by various nomadic tribes in Iran. These bags were primarily used by nomads for transporting goods and personal belongings while traveling on horseback or by camel. Here’s an overview of Khorjin, its characteristics, and its cultural significance:

Characteristics of Khorjin:

  1. Design and Construction:
    • Two Compartments: Khorjin typically consists of two large pockets connected by a broad central panel. This design allows the bags to be draped over the back of a horse or camel.
    • Handwoven: Like many Persian textiles, Khorjin is handwoven using traditional techniques. They often feature intricate designs and patterns that reflect the weaver’s tribe and cultural heritage.
    • Materials: The bags are usually made from wool, but they can also include goat hair and sometimes cotton. The wool is often dyed with natural dyes, providing rich and vibrant colours.

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