Size: 180cm x 134cm


Khorasan rugs, also known as Khorasan carpets, are renowned Persian rugs originating from the historical region of Khorasan, which encompasses northeastern Iran, northern Afghanistan, and parts of Turkmenistan. These rugs are celebrated for their exceptional quality, intricate designs, and rich cultural heritage. Here are the key characteristics and details about Khorasan rugs:

Characteristics of Khorasan Rugs

  1. Design and Patterns:
    • Khorasan rugs feature a wide range of intricate designs, including floral motifs, medallions, arabesques, and geometric patterns.
    • The designs often incorporate a harmonious blend of colors and intricate borders, showcasing the skill and creativity of the weavers.
  2. Colours:
    • The colour palette of Khorasan rugs is rich and varied, with deep blues, reds, ivories, and earth tones being prominent.
    • Natural dyes are traditionally used, which not only enhance the colours but also contribute to the rug’s durability and lustre over time.

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