Khan Mohamadi


Size: 146cm x 105cm


Khan Mohamadi rugs are another type of traditional handmade rug, but they originate from Afghanistan, not Iran. Here are some key characteristics and details about Khan Mohamadi rugs:

  • Materials: Khan Mohamadi rugs are typically made from high-quality wool. The wool used is often hand-spun, contributing to the rug’s durability and unique texture.
  • Dyes: These rugs are known for their vibrant and rich colours, which are derived from natural dyes. Common colours include deep reds, dark blues, and rich browns, giving the rugs a warm and inviting appearance.
  • Designs and Patterns: The designs on Khan Mohamadi rugs often feature geometric patterns, including diamond shapes, medallions, and intricate borders. The patterns can be quite detailed and symmetrical, showcasing the skill of the weavers.
  • Knotting: The knotting technique used in Khan Mohamadi rugs is usually symmetrical (Turkish) knots, and the knot count can vary. While not as fine as some Persian rugs, the knotting is still of high quality, contributing to the rug’s durability.

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