Size: 210cm x 109cm


Balouch rugs, also known as Baluchi rugs, are a type of tribal rug woven by the Balouch people, primarily found in the border regions of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These rugs are renowned for their distinctive designs, durability, and cultural significance. Here’s an in-depth look at Balouch rugs:

Origin and History

  • Origin: Balouch rugs originate from the Balouch tribes, nomadic and semi-nomadic groups living in the southeastern regions of Iran, southwestern Afghanistan, and western Pakistan.
  • History: The weaving tradition of the Balouch people dates back centuries, with rugs initially crafted for personal use rather than commercial purposes.

Design and Patterns

  • Geometric Patterns: Balouch rugs are known for their geometric designs, often featuring repetitive motifs such as diamonds, lozenges, and other tribal symbols.
  • Dark Colour Palette: Traditional Balouch rugs use a darker colour palette, including deep reds, blues, browns, and blacks. Natural dyes derived from plants and minerals are typically used.
  • Prayer Rugs: Many Balouch rugs are prayer rugs, identifiable by their mihrab (prayer niche) design, reflecting the Islamic faith of the weavers.
  • Animal and Nature Motifs: These rugs sometimes depict stylized animals and natural elements, influenced by the weavers’ surroundings.

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