Khan Mohamadi rugs are another exceptional type of Persian carpet, well-regarded for their rich colours and intricate designs. Originating from the region of Khan Mohamadi in Afghanistan, these rugs are handwoven using traditional techniques. 

For those searching for high-quality rugs in Manchester, Khan Mohamadi rugs offer a unique and elegant option.

Key Features

  1. Design and Patterns:

    • Khan Mohamadi rugs are known for their geometric designs and intricate patterns.
    • Common motifs include diamonds, medallions, and stylised floral patterns.
    • The designs often have a tribal aesthetic, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region.
  2. Colours:

    • These rugs are characterised by deep, rich colours, particularly shades of red, burgundy, navy, and black.
    • Natural dyes are used to achieve these vibrant hues, which gives the rugs a unique and enduring beauty.
  3. Materials:

    • High-quality wool is the primary material, known for its durability and softness.
    • The wool is often hand-spun, contributing to the rug’s unique texture and quality.
  4. Weaving Technique:

    • Khan Mohamadi rugs are hand-knotted, typically using the symmetrical (Turkish) knot.
    • They have a moderate knot density, allowing for detailed patterns while maintaining a robust structure.
  5. Size and Shape:

    • Available in various sizes, from small mats to large area rugs.
    • They are typically rectangular but can also be found in runner shapes.